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How It's Made

  1. Product sourcing: Raw materials, such as silver wire, crystals and stones, cotton cord, branches, and wood slices are specifically chosen for quality and sustainability. Stones are hand selected using intuition. 

  2. Crafting: Each piece is an individual work of art, allowing the design to change and evolve as the piece progresses. All of my designs are inspired by our natural world. No two items are exactly alike, and all are made by hand (by me).

  3. Finishing touches: When it's ready, each piece is hand polished or detailed (by a perfectionist). Pendants are kept in a glass-top case and all pieces hang in my studio until they are ready to be shipped to you.

Hands weaving a wire frame in order to wrap a stone laying in the background
A picture of the shop owner, Lynsie. Female, caucasian, mid 30's, teal hair, black-rimmed glasses, smiling.

Crafted By

Hi, I'm Lynsie! I'm the owner and sole crafter behind Cat's Eye Creations. I live in my small hometown in Texas with my wife, son, dog, and five cats. (Yes, five. It was an accident. *wink*)

I've been making and selling wire-wrap jewelry pieces since 2018, but in December 2021, I quit my corporate desk job to focus on the things I love. 

My favorite thing about shipping off a piece to a new owner is the hope that someone will love it as much as I do. I do my best to instill positivity and peace into everything I make, and I hope that you find a bit of magic in them.

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