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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The internet is ripe with bloggers and websites claiming to be experts. A quick search will line up dozens of articles (with oddly similar wording), explaining how this one crystal will lift your mental health, fix your love life, and make you wealthy.

The reality of it is that we don't really know exactly how crystals work, or just how much they can affect your body and life. Very few real studies have been conducted on the effects of crystals, and the only two I've found in my research were grossly limited, with sample sizes under 25 people, all from the same area of the world with the same beliefs.

While I'm not tossing the idea that crystals can have profound meaning out the window, I find it to be manipulative for "experts" to share their own conclusions as fact. A much more ethical and real approach is to present questions, theories, and the actual facts, and point readers to get curious, ask their own questions, and draw their own conclusions.

After a frustrating few years seeking credible, or at least ethical, resources in books and online, I've turned to an approach I use often in my life - I'm going to make one myself.

My hope is that you find this blog inspiring, that you question, weigh, disagree, and stay curious about the topics raised here, and that you use caution when referencing sources that present absolutes without citing or providing evidence.

Stay wonderous, my friends!

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