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Using Crystals in Everyday Life

Many guides provide instructions on using crystals - Clean the room you're in, cleanse your space with sage, wear comfortable clothing, sit in silence or with some calming music, and -no- distractions. With the crystal in your hands, placed strategically on your chakra points, or around you in the room, concentrate on your intent, the way the crystal feels on your skin, or the way it makes you feel... While this is a great method, this just isn't practical for people with children, pets, or busy lives, and won't do you much good in the places you may need the help of crystals the most, such as at work, the supermarket, or driving on the freeway.

Wearing and Carrying Crystals

Most days, you'll need to find a quick way to incorporate crystals into what you're already doing. While you may find a moment to focus on it, wearing or holding crystals while you go about your day is the way to go.

Jewelry is an obvious solution to keeping crystals with you throughout the day, and there's plenty of ways to wear them. I prefer pendants, because they can easily touch your skin (especially those in my shop, which always have an open back). Rings, bracelets, and earrings can suit your purposes as well, but I prefer larger stones as I feel they'll have a better effect.

You can also place crystals in your lap, pocket, or anywhere else they can easily touch you. (I know many women keep crystals in their bras.) Pockets can work, but there will be a layer of fabric between you and the crystal, so I prefer other methods. Pockets are also a risk as crystals could fall out or end up in the washer if you're not careful.

I tend to have something on my neck, and a few crystals in my lap as I work at my desk. I like to sit crisscross, and place one or two on my ankles, so that they make skin contact.

Choosing the Right Crystal

Having a few useful crystals you feel connected to is the first step. In the same way your wardrobe has some staple pieces, some feel-good pieces, and some statement pieces for special occasions, your crystal collection should be the same. You'll want to have a few things to choose from depending on what you have planned, where you're going, or what kind of vibrations you'll need.

Staple Crystals

Just like a good pair of jeans, there are some crystals that go with just about any situation. I recommend having the following in your collection for everyday use.

  • Clear Quartz - Amplifies intention, best used for programming, and works as a blank slate

  • Amethyst - Provides spiritual protection and purification

  • Rose Quartz - Strengthens feelings of love, including self-love, romantic love, love for humanity, etc.

  • Black Tourmaline or Jet - Works to cleanse and repel negative energy

  • Selenite/Satin Spar - Cleanses the space around it as well as other crystals, and amplifies energies of other stones

  • Moldavite - Hastens spiritual awakening, pulls you to "the right path" (Use with caution, as these changes may feel quite intense)

Best Crystals for School or Work

Communication - Many of us are required to work with others (sometimes others we don't like very much), and communication is key. If you find yourself feeling at a loss for words or shrinking while others speak up, consider using a crystal to help you find your confident voice at work. I like to use septarian for this, and you'll always find me wearing one at my in-person sales events. Some other great options are blue lace agate, amazonite, chrysocolla, and lapis lazuli.

Focus - Another common work struggle is staying focused. Whether you're trudging through TPS reports, grading papers, or creating a 40-slide PowerPoint, you're likely to feel your mind wandering. Onyx is -the- focus stone, boosting attention, willpower, discipline, and reason. Moss agate is also thought to increase concentration. If you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks, consider also using barite or hematite for help with memory.

Stress - Unfortunately, many jobs also add a heap of stress or exacerbate anxiety in our lives. Many stones help with calming frazzled nerves, but I find that lilac lepidolite, dendritic agate, larimar, and blue Owyhee opal are the best options.

Financial Success - If your job involves hustling, self-promotion, or sales, also consider pyrite, green jade, or malachite as these are thought to help with financial success.

Best Crystals for To-Do's

Discipline - No one -wants- to spend half a day focusing on mundane tasks or chore lists, but it's just a part of life. Motivation to get started and keep going isn't always easy to muster, but fancy jasper, onyx, and blue aventurine are great for self-discipline.

Organization - Keeping on task isn't always about discipline. Sometimes even the best intentions lead you astray. If you've ever found yourself on a tangent task walkabout, completely missing your original goal, you're not alone. Smoky quartz, natural citrine, and fluorite are thought to boost organizational skills, mental clarity, and decision-making.

Stamina - Whether you're toting kids through the grocery isles, repainting the bathroom, or constructing yourself a she-shed, some tasks require physical and mental stamina to stay in the game. Red jasper, fire agate, tiger iron, and natural citrine can help keep your energy up.

Best Crystals for Creativity

Innovation - Coming up with new ideas is never easy, and waiting for them to bubble up has plagued creators throughout time. Stones such as sodalite and orange calcite may be just the thing to break the block.

Enthusiasm/Inspiration - Sometimes, the hardest part is finding the right mood to create, and a lack of enthusiasm is the quick death of any creative project. Adamite, fire agate, blue calcite, and bumble bee jasper are great for inspiring the mind.

Determination - Dealing with setbacks is a natural part of the creative process, but it can quickly kill the mood to make. Sometimes, we need a little help keeping speed after a bump in the road. Red aventurine, carnelian, and unakite jasper can all help to refill your conviction cup after an obstacle.

Best Crystals for Social Situations

Toxic People - Unfortunately, negative, toxic, energy vampires are a part of many social circles. For empathic or open people, this can be a very draining and lingering experience. Obsidian is great for protection, but even better if paired with bloodstone, which dispels negative influences and provides courage. Another protective confidence booster is malachite, which also can help with healing if the toxicity manages to break through the ward.

Expression - While we all love to loosen up and mingle with the right people, it's not always easy to find the mood to chat people up and express oneself. Ocean jasper and turquoise both help with positive self-expression, and tangerine quartz is thought to play up our playful vibes.

Social Stamina - For introverts especially, social situations may deplete your social meters and leave you feeling drained, often before it's time to head home. If you think you need help in this department, mahogany obsidian provides release from inner limitations and healing for feelings of unworthiness. Stichtite can provide emotional resilience, and tourmilated quartz can assist with recovery from negative influences to keep you going.

Best Crystals for Mental Health

Before diving into this one, it's important to remember that no crystal will fully heal any illness, mental or physical. Crystals are great as supplementary help with illness, but should always be paired with therapy or medication, under the direction of a medical professional.

General Mental Wellbeing - Even when not living with specific mental health ailments, everyone finds themselves seeking better balance from time to time. Amulet stone, scolecite, green apetite and pink calcite are great for overall mental wellness and peacefulness.

Emotional Healing - If you've suffered a loss or trauma, crystals can provide a boost to emotional healing. Namely, pink calcite, eudialyte, and seraphinite are known to have curative properties to speed healing of emotional wounds.

Anxiety - If you struggle with anxiety and are looking to add some calming, grounding energies, blue chalcedony, danburite, fancy jasper, and lepidolite should provide some serenity.

Depression - Depression can have many faces and causes, but if you find yourself in need of some extra joy and emotional healing, hemimorphite may help. Tiger's eye is known to bring balance between extremes, and ruby zoisite may help you to feel more motivated to engage with life.

Best Crystals for Divination

Psychic activation - Beyond balancing emotions and protection from negative energies, crystals have the ability to activate our own third-eye talents. If you find yourself divining using taro cards, a pendulum, or any other method, apatite, purple chalcedony, kyanite, and labradorite are known to boost these gifts.

Intuition/Insight - While you may not be actively divining, boosting your own natural intuition is always a good idea. I prefer sodalite, moonstone, ruby kyanite, and shattuckite for this purpose.

Spirit Communication - Whether actively reaching out to non-physical beings or passively hoping to improve your ability to receive messages from spirit guides, celestite, snowflake obsidian, and prehnite are thought to advance these communications and keep you open to messages.

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