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Which Crystals Make the Best Gifts?

As the holidays approach, gift ideas are on everyone's minds, and crystals are a unique and personal way to show that you care and put thought into gifting. They naturally appeal to the spiritual, crystal-curious, and more mainstream, since they not only provide holistic healing, but also are just wonderful to look at and display.

With so many options, a question I'm often asked is 'which crystals make great gifts?' To this, I usually follow up with a few questions to narrow down the options:

Has the Giftee Recently Experienced a Significant Life Event?

Everyone wants their gift to be personal and meaningful, and recognizing a recent lift event, such as the birth of a new child or grandchild, a move, a new job or educational pursuit, a new relationship, (or becoming newly single) can really personalize the gift. Check out the list below for some gifts that celebrate these life changes:

Celebrating a New Child or Grandchild

Having a new baby or soon-to-be addition during the holidays is exciting for everyone, and we love to shower the little ones with gifts, but don't forget to celebrate and recognize the caregivers in the child's life as well. Here are some gift ideas that work well for caregivers.

  • Citrine - Pure, unbothered happiness, simple joy

  • Dalmatian Jasper - Child-like joy, playfulness, lightheartedness

  • Pink Calcite - Compassion, joy

  • Charoite - Unconditional love

A New Home

Find the perfect, beautiful gift to fill those new, empty shelves. Sometimes new homes come with an energy that needs clearing, and it wasn't already there, the stress of moving can create a cloud of negativity. Try one of the crystals below to help a friend or loved one with a new space.

  • Stellar Beam Calcite - Clearing spaces

  • Selenite - Cleansing spaces of negativity

  • Amethyst, Jet, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline - Protection

  • Sodalite - Creating structure

  • Clear Quartz - Manifestation

A New Job or Educational Pursuit

Starting a new chapter, such as a new job or degree, is always exciting, but this comes with its own set of stresses. Learning something new is always difficult, especially when in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. Help out new scholar or breadwinner with one of the following crystals.

  • Moss Agate - Abundance, concentration, determination

  • Jade - Luck, prosperity

  • Mahogany Obsidian - Abundance, release from inner limitations

  • Pyrite - Ambition

  • Onyx - Focus, attention

  • Fluorite - Studying

A New Relationship or Marriage

Perhaps you have a new guest at game night or need an extra chair at the holiday meal this year. While new love is fun and easy, it requires support to last the test of time. If you know someone who is newly lovestruck or recently tied the knot, try supporting their blossoming relationship with one of these.

  • Orange Calcite - Aphrodisiac

  • Pyrite - Commitment

  • Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Hemimorphite, Shattuckite, or Turquoise - Communication

  • Kyanite - Empathy

  • Flint - Honesty

  • Rose Quartz - Love

Newly Single and Ready to Mingle

Though being single around the holidays can be difficult, sometimes it's for the best. Maybe the giftee is just getting to know themselves again, or perhaps they're ready to find the one. Help them feel ready for whatever the next step may be with one of the crystals below.

  • Sunstone - Adventure

  • Epidote - Attraction

  • Moldavite - Finding your path

  • Labradorite - Processing life changes

  • Rose Quartz - Love, attracting a partner

What is Your Relationship to the Giftee?

If there's nothing new in your friend or loved one's life, you might find the right fit based on your relationship. Even if they aren't a crystal expert, explaining the significance of the crystal they've just opened up can make the gifting process really special.

Mother or Grandmother / Child or Grandchild

There's a special kind of bond between a mother and child, and this certainly also applies to grandmothers, aunts, etc. Try one of these to represent the unique relationship you have.

  • Amber - Emotional warmth, longevity

  • Mook Jasper (Mookaite) - Slowing aging

  • Pink Sapphire - Appreciation

  • Aquamarine, Larimar, Seraphinite - Divine feminine

  • Moonstone - Earth mother, motherhood

Father or Grandfather / Child or Grandchild

Show your dad, granddad, uncle, or any other male figure in your life that you care with one of these.

  • Amber - Emotional warmth, longevity

  • Tiger's Eye - Masculine energy, vitality

  • Red Jasper - Emotional balance, health

  • Kyanite - Empathy

  • Black Obsidian - Grounding

Romantic Partner

If you're looking to spice things up, reinforce a solid foundation, or enhance your bond, check out these suggestions for a great gift for your partner.

  • Petrified Wood - Patience

  • Amazonite - Peace between people

  • Pink Calcite - Release of anger

  • Carnelian - Sensuality

  • Morganite - Soul mate

Close Friend

Crystals are a great gift to represent friendship. Whether you're old childhood friends or their a new member of your tribe, choose one of these to enhance and support your relationship.

  • Moss Agate - Spiritual twin

  • Ocean Jasper - Enjoying life

  • Green Jade and Pink Tourmaline - Loving kindness

  • Goshenite - Loyalty

  • Rhodochrosite - Loving energy

Some Final Crystal Gifting Tips

Once you've found the perfect fit, be sure to make it memorable by following these easy steps:

  • Include the crystal associations in the card, so your giftee can remember why you chose this specific crystal for them.

  • Keep in mind how your giftee will use the crystal. A necklace may be a great fit for your best friend who wears a lot of jewelry, but perhaps a beautiful display piece might work better for grandpa.

  • Explain any care instructions to the giftee, including charging or cleansing. You mom might be really sad to see her new amethyst fade after placing it in her windowsill. (Not sure how to take care of your new crystal? Take a look at the Charging Your Crystals and Cleansing Your Crystals posts.

If you're still hunting for the perfect crystal fit, check out A Guide to Common Crystal Associations or Using Crystals in Everyday Life!

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