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Stone: Ammonite Fossil


Wrap: Hand wrapped in solid .925 sterling silver wire


Style: Spiral, swirls


Ammonite Associations:
 - Grounding
 - Spiritual realm/spirit guides
 - Positive change
 - Finding your fate
 - Root and Third Eye Chakras


All pendants come with an 18" or 20" solid 0.925 sterling silver chain.


All items are handmade. I prefer to use only natural components, and do my best to instill peace and positivity while crafting.

Ammonite Fossil Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Necklace

  • Cleaning

    • Do not submerge your jewelry in jewelry cleaning solution. Many stones can be damaged or even dissolved by jewelry cleaners.
    • Do not bake your piece with baking soda and aluminum foil. Some internet sites recommend this, but this process will damage the stone.
    • Do not scrub your jewelry with rough brushes or sponges. This will leave small scratches that dull the shine of the wire and stone.
    • Do use a silver polishing cloth, and gently rub the areas of the jewelry that have tarnished. (I recommend Sunshine brand.)


    • Do not store your jewelry in direct sunlight or hot places (such as cars). Many stones can be damaged or faded by direct sunlight and heat.
    • Do store your jewelry in a small plastic bag or closed area without direct airflow. (Tarnish is oxidation, so the more oxygen, the more tarnish.)
    • Do store your jewelry with tarnish strips to slow down tarnishing.
    • Do wear your jewelry! The natural oils of your skin actually slow down the tarnishing process.
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